GO Broadband
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GO provides customers a series of integrated voice services enabling them to make internal, local and international calls. We distinguish ourselves by creating various rate packages to facilitate customers’ phone calls. Using our flexible switchboards on our intelligent, next generation networks, a wide selection of specialized calling programs and features is provided to suit our customers’ varied needs. These plans characterized by flexibility and upgraded continuously to meet market demands. Below are examples of the service packages GO offers:
*Voice services over IP Network
*Possibility of number transfers
*Unified communications
*Video Calls PAPX-Like services – IP-Centrex (No hardware installation is needed).

GO offers fast and cost-effective data services Kingdom wide in the cities where our network is established, distinguished by top quality high speed for business customers. In addition, we are cooperating with our partners to provide integrated Internet services and virtual private networks (VPNs) and data services.

Enterprise customers can also enjoy our international data connectivity offers which GO and its partners provide to a wide range of international destinations.

In addition to the voice and data services, GO offers a number of Value Added Services. These services are introduced individually as well as integrated in comprehensive packages to meet a wide spectrum of special and specified business  needs. GO recognizes the need of assistance in data management within the Business Sector, therefore GO aims at  catering it’s best to these businesses and enterprises, offering Value Added Services to ensure optimal benefit from the data services. Data management services will include regular analysis of the data flow, alert management as well as security and design services.

GO introduces a wide range of Integrated Business Solutions to meet the needs of all types of businesses. Our IP-Based intelligent Internet Network is the pivotal hub for providing Integrated Business Solutions such as:


Virtual Private Networks (VPN): To enable business facilities and companies to share the same network throughout all of their locations.
Virtual Voice Networks and centralized Internet *Protocol.
*Remote calling bridges.
*Remote visual calling.

We believe that the Saudi society at large is benefiting  from GO’s valuable alliances with other establishments specialized in providing integrated services and applications on our network facilitating easy access to additional advanced services. These services will include:
*Colocation, dedicated and shared hosting.
*Public and private WiFi wireless local call services.
*Providing application services.
*Visual services based on internet protocol.
*Managed services.

For more information call: 8001111010 or email: Business@go.com.sa