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Terms and Conditions for Fiber Broadband Service

The following terms and conditions apply to GO’s Services. None of the terms and conditions below limit any of your rights under CITC Terms of Service for Fixed Telecommunication Service Providers and the Terms of Service of Data and Internet Service Providers.

1. Activation

The Customer shall be held responsible for the validity of all data and information provided on the application form and The Company has the right to exchange the credit data of the customer with other credit centers such as (SIMAH). The Customer acknowledges its consent to provide Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company (GO) with any information that it requires for the establishing and/or auditing and/or administering Customer’s accounts therewith and hereby authorizes (GO) to obtain and collect all information pertaining to Customer or to its accounts or latter facilities as (GO) deems necessary or needed, from the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH).
Moreover, Customer undertakes to disclose and share all information with (SIMAH) or with any other agency approved by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA).
The Customer hereby acknowledges that GO shall have the right to share the Customer’s data with GO’s related companies for the purpose of marketing activities in respect of products and services of GO and/or its related companies from time to time, as GO deems fit, provided always that GO and its related companies shall observe the applicable confidentiality obligations as imposed by law or contract and shall abide by the same strictly.
After GO’s acceptance of the Customer application for “FIBER BROADBAND” service, GO will provide the Customer with an FTTH router along with the fiber from ODB and accessories (herein referred to as the “Customer Equipment”).
The Customer subscription period shall begin from the moment the Customer Equipment is activated by GO, and the Customer will be notified by a confirmation email/SMS once the service is activated.

2. FIber BROADBAND Service

GO shall provide all packages at customer’s site at the required speed for each package according to the technological and technical capabilities at customer’s site and network resources , considering that this service depends on another service provider. This service is for the use of only one specified residential place; the customer shall not have the right to share this service with other users nor to use it for any commercial purposes.
Technical causes may occur prevents the Company from providing the service in the Customer’s location as specified in the contract; in such cases the Customer shall not be entitled to any compensation except in cases of prepaid subscriptions since for those the Company commits to refund the subscription fee in full to the Customer.

3. Customer Equipment Specifics

If Customer Equipment fails to function due to a manufacturing defect, it will then be replaced free of charge. However, if Customer Equipment supplied to the Customer in working order, later ceases to work for any reason other than a manufacturing defect; e.g. tampering with, dismantling, damage or loss, then the Customer shall be liable to pay SR 600 being the Equipment value.
The Customer shall undertake not to abuse/misuse the services in in any way contrary to GO’s terms and conditions, or in any way that may affect any of GO’s Customers or breaches the regulations or general morals, or for any purpose other than that they have been designed for. In such a case, GO reserves the right to adopt any and all necessary procedures including, without limitation, legal action, suspending or terminating the service.  

4. Commitment Term

GO shall provide the customer with service device. Subscription to a postpaid service/package shall be for one Gregorian Year (12 Months). By the expiry of the contract term, GO shall follow up the renewal processes with the customer and commits to inform him of the renewal or non-renewal through an SMS to the customer’s registered mobile number.
If the Customer wishes to terminate the Service/Package before the end of the minimum  contractual period (early termination), Customer shall pay 100% of the remaining contractual period. (example: if the customer terminate his contract after (5) five months of his subscription, he will have to pay 100% of the remaining contractual period as following: (Monthly Subscription Fees x 7 months).
Billing cycle for all services/bundles shall be a one Gregorian month’s cycle. Subscription period starts from the moment GO assigns a subscriber an account number and consequently activates the service/bundle. Invoices shall be in Arabic and in PDF and/or HTML format and shall be dispatched by email only and shall be only a summary. Detailed service/bundle usage shall be made available for review through customer self-care website. Past invoices shall be available up to the last 12 months only.
The Customer shall commit to pay the bills due on the provided service within the period specified on the bills; the Customer’s failure to settle the service bills, the Company shall be entitled to exchange the customer’s credit information with Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH); without prejudice to its right to claim its dues from the Customer by all possible recourses.  

5. Change/Relocate of Service

The customer shall have the right to change the speeds within each package according to the terms of the service, Fees shall apply for such change in subscription plan if such change is accepted by GO.
The customer shall have the right to request for service relocation and the Company shall provide the service to the Customer at the location specified in the contract; and the Customer shall pay the prescribed fee in case of availability of coverage where the Customer wishes to change its location.
The Company accepts no liability if the Customer wishes to transfer the service to a location not covered by the Company; and the Customer shall have no right to claim any compensation or fee refund in such case. If the customer changes his location he should settle full bill.  

6. Default and Partial Payment(s)

Payment(s) shall be made as specified in the invoice or the offered service/bundle description and may be made through any of the acceptable available payment methods. Partial payment shall not be deemed sufficient to obligate GO to continue provision of the service(s); and GO reserves the right to redeem payment by any and all available means and shall in this respect have the right to adopt any open course(s) of action.

7. Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions shall apply at all times and wherever the customer is located. GO after taking the necessary approvals reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time to the extent permitted by the Regulations. Amendments may take the form of change or removal of the existing terms, addition of new ones or the introduction of new terms. If GO does make any such amendments, GO shall inform the customer of such changes by posting the changes on its website at www.go.com.sa or by other means as GO may deem fit. It shall be the customer’s exclusive concern to follow up such amendment(s) on GO’s website, if any. After following the legal procedures, GO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disconnect, restrict and/or terminate customer’s service if customer fails to meet any of the obligations required herein or if GO considers that customer is abusing/misusing any service or Customer Equipment in any manner. Though GO may inform the customer of the nature of default that led to disconnecting, restricting or terminating the service, GO shall not be liable to justify or explain the rationale beyond such act and shall not accept any liability or claim(s) for damages in respect of any such act. GO shall have no obligation whatsoever to look into whatever claim(s) submitted by other non-registered contracting parties.