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Terms and Conditions for LTE Broadband Service

The following terms and conditions apply to GO’s Products and Services, in addition to GO’s general terms and conditions, which are published on GO website at www.go.com.sa; and may also be obtained as a hard copy from any GO retail outlet. None of the terms below shall limit any of the Customer’s rights under GO’s general terms and conditions or under any prevalent regulation.

1. Activation

After GO’s acceptance of the Customer application for “LTE BROADBAND” service, GO will provide the Customer with an LTE router, SIM and accessories (herein referred to as the “Customer Equipment”).

The Customer subscription period shall begin from the moment the Customer Equipment is activated by GO, and the Customer will be notified by a confirmation email/SMS once the service is activated.


The Customer package is offered as being “up to” a certain bandwidth or speed, but the maximum speed may be lower at any particular time or location due to any circumstances that may be technical or otherwise, considering that this service depends on another service provider. LTE BROADBAND service is a fixed Broadband service and cannot be used on the move; i.e. cannot be used in a place other that wherein it is provisioned.

The LTE BROADBAND Service is for a “single home” use only; the Customer shall not have the right to share this service with other users, nor to use it for commercial purposes. In case of any violation of this term, GO reserves the right to take any action that it deems necessary to protect its rights, including, without limitation, partially or fully terminating the service without any compensation or liability whatsoever; and or charging fines to be paid by the Customer as compensation for the misuse of the service.
GO retains the right to change the limits which will be communicated to the customer via Email/SMS and simultaneously reflected in the Terms & Conditions on the website.

3. Customer Equipment Specifics

If Customer Equipment fails to function because of a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced free of charge. However, if Customer Equipment supplied to the Customer in working order, later ceases to work for any reason other than a manufacturing defect; e.g. tampering with, dismantling, damage or loss, then the Customer shall be liable to pay the Service setup fee up to SR 300.

As the fee charged to the Customer is in return for the setup including the civil work and professional services, GO shall remain the owner of the Customer Equipment supplied to the Customer. Upon termination of the Customer subscription, the Customer shall maintain and keep safe the Customer Equipment and hand it over to GO without any unnecessary delay. In case of failing to do so, a penalty of SR 300 will be charged to the customer.

For the service data SIM, the replacement fee is SR 50.

The Customer shall undertake not to misuse the services in in any way contrary to GO’s terms and conditions, or in any way that may affect any of GO’s Customers or breaches general morals, or for any purpose other than that they have been designed for. In such a case, GO reserves the right to adopt any and all necessary procedures including, without limitation, legal action, suspending or terminating the service.

The Customer hereby undertakes to use the services only through the equipment approved by GO.

4. Refunds

Upon returning of customer equipment in new condition and in its original and undamaged packaging within 72 hours of account creation, the customer will be liable for a refund. The refund will not be processed in cash.
A refund fee of SR 300 will be charged upon refund during the cool off period of 72 hours of the account creation.

GO reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. If GO amends any of these terms and conditions, it will inform the Customer of such changes by posting the changes on its website at www.go.com.sa; or by other means as GO sees fit.